Save Our Ship, Donate Today!


The SS LANE VICTORY is an National Historical Landmark and is operated by a 501(c)3 charitable organization, the U.S. Merchant Marine Veterans World War II (USMMVWWII). As such, we rely on the generosity of donations, grants and memberships to cover the costs of preservation, restoration to prevent deterioration and our education efforts. We operate with a totally volunteer crew and need funds for ongoing maintenance supplies. We have regular and annual maintenance of various departments components (i.e. engine room equipment, deck booms, galley range, hospital equipment) that is very costly.


Well over $2 million will be needed to take the ship to drydock and this is the only way to get the ship sailing again.

  • Preparation, blasting, painting and coating of tanks, hulls, masts, forward and aft peaks.
  • Repairs to piping, propeller, sea chests, sea valves, rudder, tail shaft, anchor chain, zincs.
  • Tug assist to and out of dry dock, vessel inspections throughout duration of dry dock, safety checks, dockage fees.


It is a tremendous task, and we ask the friends of the ship—members of the USMMVWWII, people who have sailed with us on voyages to Catalina Island, and people who are interested in World War II and the Merchant Marine, to give us a hand. Help us financially with our routine maintenance and our next drydock.


Your contribution will also support numerous programs including educating our youth on the history of the SS LANE VICTORY, Merchant Marine and the Port of Los Angeles. Your contributions will fund special awareness events such as Korean American Day, Black History Month, and anniversary events focused on SS LANE VICTORY’s important historical dates.



We ask that you consider a generous contribution. You can donate online at the PayPal link above or by mailing your contribution to USMMVWWII, P.O. Box 629, San Pedro, CA 90733-0629.


If you would like to discuss a possible grant or discuss a specific grant to cover a major expense, please contact President David Jones at or Treasurer Ron Phelps at .


Together, we can ensure the Merchant Mariner’s history and importance is not lost to future generations. Thank you for making this legacy possible.